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Castle Fruit Company . Is one of the leading food and fresh produce exports and Shippers based in Texas,USA. Offering wide varieties of 100% US made finest foods & produce distributing around the world. We serve and service over 50 countries in Africa, Middle East, and Asia. All our products are certified by the USDA and meet the highest standard of quality control system, also we work with most of the local Growers and pack house mainly in California,Washington, Seatle, Bakersfeild and throughout United States of America.

To reach the US produce to various parts of world all the food products pass through a strict grading process and our Food experts of Fresh produce , ensure maximum quality in this. We even provide information on Regulatory Compliance and Logistics.

Castle has Associate field staff for the produce growing in California, Washington, Florida and Seatle to team up and work togetherto find the finest conventional and organic produce selections to meet our customers specific requirements for quality, condition and price.

Air/Sea Shipments Castle Fruits has its unique in having its own team at the facilities to inspect and load mixed air shipments of produce mainly from Los Angeles , Caliornia to various parts of Asia , and Middle east.

We are therefore good in handling also mixed loads of produce for airfreight and sea freight shipments; here we can carefully consolidate any size order for any market. Produce is carefully selected, inspected and loaded by our own team of experts in inspection packing and loading to help ensure quality and execution of orders. Where as Sea Shipments from Seatle, Washington and Log Beach to serveMidlle east and East Asian countries have been well equipped with pre inspections to the shipment being moved on time to reach the commited target time and meet the quality to the customers programme and schedule.

  • Produce Professionals Source Quality Fruits & Vegetables
  • Our Sales Team Provides Options, Solutions, & Competitive Pricing
  • Global Sourcing from the USA, China, Australia
  • Assorting Mixed items and goods required by the customers
  • Export and Distribution from the USA
  • Representing Growers and Packers to Maximize Opportunity

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